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Ad Hop supports a range of platforms and services, below is a taste of the most popular we offer.

Google Ads

Search, shopping, display, discovery & performance max - a lot to offer advertisers including the #1 result on Google.

Microsoft Ads

Another great platform with multiple search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, AOL & DuckDuckGo in addition to display & shopping.

YouTube Ads

Long or Shorts, multiple formats are available for visually engaging with users on the world's 2nd biggest search engine.

Meta Ads

Both Facebook & Instagram in one platform connecting you to a vast user base with some solid audience capabilities & ad formats.


Re-engage with users who have previously interacted with your website - very effective in helping you stay top-of-mind.

LinkedIn Ads

Target decision-makers with precision. Influence through business focused content and drive leads from your target companies.

Spotify Ads

Effective audio advertising leveraging both music and podcast placements with habits and demographic targeting.


Multi-attribution model capabilities providing actionable insight, top level overviews and detailed, platform-specific performance.

TikTok Ads

Short-form 'snackable' content connecting with a dynamic audience on what is a fast growing search platform.

Connected TV

White-label connected TV services with supported guidance & strategy with integration to other paid media activity.

X (Twitter) Ads

Boost visibility and engagement by targeted, sponsored content. A diverse and engaged audience is available on the platform.


1st party data audience setup and remarketing lists for multiple platforms from multiple CRM solutions.

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