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About Joss

Expert Paid Media & PPC management for small to medium sized businesses and digital marketing agencies.

Hello! I'm Joss, an award-winning freelance paid media specialist (working as Ad Hop) based in central Scotland. I have experience working with some of the biggest brands in the UK as well as small companies, startups and charities across a spectrum of budget levels, sectors, industries & geographical locations. 

Joss Froggatt. Paid Media Specialist At Ad Hop

My marketing debut was building a website for my wife's dog walking business in 2018 and helping out with some content, design, SEO and a little paid social advertising. I was working in a completely different industry at the time (feel free to ask me if you fancy nodding off to sleep).


My enjoyment for this bit of work unlocked something nostalgic in me, it took me back to my education where creativity was my thing and I studied media, art and English Language. The data, the creativity, innovation and measurability of the industry got me interested in digital marketing. And so I became unstoppable researching, upskilling and preparing to apply for a graduate scheme at a renowned PPC agency I was wholly unqualified for. Thankfully I got the job!  

Look at me now, years later I have a great breadth of experience under my belt, having led teams and departments executing some of the most impactful campaigns I could only have dreamt of. I have some award wins and my enthusiasm for the industry and work is still thriving.

I hold expertise in leading platforms and MarTech tools including Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Meta Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Spotify Ads, TikTok Ads, Google Analytics, HubSpot, Looker Studio, SA360 and a whole host of reporting, SEO and other tools.


I bring both a strategic and hands-on approach to campaign design and execution and have been known to challenge best practice through testing and analysis. Some of my best results came from going against the grain and doing something a little different from the herd.

At Ad Hop, I'm not just offering paid media/PPC services; I'm dedicated to being a strategic partner in achieving digital growth. Experience has shown me that the better relationship we have, the more I understand your goals and needs - the more effective we can be. Whether you're a small/medium business, startup or an agency, I'm confident I can add value.

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Associate CIM member Joss Freelance Paid Media Specialist


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